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          About us / About us
          Guangzhou Vast Advertising Media Co., LTD., founded in 2018, is located at 28th floor, North Tower, Ruihua Building, Tianhe District, Guangzhou. The head office is Huiteng Graphic, with many well-known enterprises to establish strategic cooperation, in order to meet more needs of customers, "vast advertising" emerged at the historic moment. The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; With the development of society, more enterprises pay attention to the construction of culture, "vast advertising" from design to construction system for the construction of enterprise culture service [enterprise culture, customized experts]. The vast advertising constantly optimize and upgrade corporate culture solutions, customized research and development of corporate culture products, to provide one-stop solutions and service support for cooperative units. The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; In the future, the vast advertising with its own professional technology, comprehensive strength, perfect service system, excellent service team, to create a new experience of enterprise culture scene, promote the healthy development of cultural cause.
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          11 2013 - 12 -
          Number of clicks: 358
          Natasha Nikulina sign designer was invited to guide The eyes for The Ophthalmic Clinic in Samara, Russia. The & # 160; .
          27 2018 - 08 -
          Number of clicks: 231
          Corporate culture wall is a "wall" with cultural display function in the layout of enterprise hardware environment. Of course, you can also think of it as part of the VI system. Usually we commonly used billboards, bulletin boards, etc..
          27 2018 - 08 -
          Number of clicks: 176
          Very persuasive, if really done, what difficulties are not a problem this wall paste is simple and convenient, elegant and beautiful, always remind yourself and your employees corporate culture wall inspirational wall paste, suitable for training schools, teaching...
          11 2013 - 12 -
          Number of clicks: 452
          Atelier worked closely with Portuguese firm Pedra Silva Architects on a project for Russian fertiliser company Uralch...
          News / Industry dynamic
          Eye clinic guide design appreciation
          Natasha Nikulina sign designer was invited to guide The eyes for The Ophthalmic Clinic in Samara, Russia. The & # 160; Source: egD.HK
          2013 - 12 - 11
          Office guide design for Moscow headquarters of Fertilizer company Uralchem
          Atelier worked closely with Portuguese firm Pedra Silva Architects to create an environmental plan and interior for the Moscow headquarters of Russian fertiliser company Uralchem. The close collaboration between designers and architects on both sides creates a signage system that is straightforward and easy to understand for visitors from all over the world. The nostalgic VAG Rounded Cyrilic sans-serif font and specially designed numbers and graphic symbols, combined with circular patterns throughout the space, connect a visually unified layout plan. Beautiful round logo like each active black pieces are arranged on the office wall, orderly, and add dynamic atmosphere to office environment is very black and white tonal contrast show class, clean layout of a complete set of ICONS is through elaborate design, logo material looks used black acrylic, double stack together, information looks like a silk screen printing, But look through the light from a side door can not see the trace of silk screen name sign USES white black information printed on the wall directly, is there a difference and guide shunt indicator system, have a sense of go round dot body of glass wallpaper using same sizes, in different size and color to show floor number or room number glass wallpaper design rest area culture wall design, The plane composition of point, line, plane, body and compound point gives people a sense of dynamic illusion. Through the convergence and dispersion of points, it shows a rich sense of rhythm, which makes the originally dull office atmosphere full of vitality and power, and makes employees full of passion and fighting spirit. Dynamic wall design #160; It's not a button, it's a map that represents the vision and aspirations of the company. Beautiful icon design - locker room, conference room icon, cafe icon. All the ICONS are made of dots. The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; The & # 160; & # 1...
          2013 - 12 - 11
          Design points
          The first is simple and generous. The office belongs to a place of office, so do not need too much gorgeous, simple and generous is the most important, so this office decoration way let you feel the peace of mind, there will be no so many distractions, the first glance can feel the simple and generous office decoration. The 2nd: colour is grasped. People always sensitive for color, with instinctive reaction, can timely reflect what colors look good, which is not good, the color to a great extent, affect the person's mood and attention, harmonious color positive, relaxed, happy, not harmonious color, on the other hand, it makes the person feels negative, heavy, tired. Now the office design choice is more and more like, of course, the choice of these colors of each space is expected to see and feel. Third: the space should be large. Office decoration design as far as possible to make the space looks relatively large, because then the space utilization rate is relatively high, now the company's cost is increasing, improve the utilization rate of space can save a large amount of cost invisible. Fourth: natural light and floodlight combination. Natural daylighting is opposite at artificial floodlight for, still be more the welcome that gets people, sunshine can give a person the feeling of a kind of beautiful, because natural light is energy-saving on one hand, be in what can mention working efficiency below natural light line additionally. Fifth: Incorporate entertainment. The integration of entertainment elements into the office not only adds fun to the staff, but also can exercise when the work efficiency is poor, and at the same time can bring a good health to the staff
          2018 - 08 - 27
          Address: 28E, North Tower, Ruihua Building, No.263, Wushan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China
          Tel: 86 13326430355
          E-mail: 2159064528 @qq.com
          Zip code: 330520
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